Uniform Policy

The uniform for the Academy of Hope is a crimson polo with the HOPE logo, and khaki pants or shorts (or, for girls: jumpers and skorts), a black or brown belt, solid color socks or tights, and black or brown closed toe, rubber-soled shoes.

The Academy of Hope polos are available through New Wave Embroidery. To order your uniform, contact Curt or David at:

New Wave Embroidery
738 8th Ave. North
Myrtle Beach, SC

Short-Sleeve Academy of Hope Polo Pricing

Youth (Sizes: XS – XL) $15.12 including tax
Adult (Sizes: S – 2XL) $16.28 including tax

Note: As long as you purchase khaki bottoms, you can purchase the bottoms from any store.

Shorts, skirts and jumpers should be of adequate length to assure modesty when the student is seated or engaged in school activities. No cargo pants or cargo shorts please. Shirts must be tucked into pants, shorts or skorts.

In order to enforce the Uniform Dress Code, cooperation is needed. Students, along with their parents, are responsible for adherence to the uniform policy.

  • The school uniform must be worn every day.
  • There are disciplinary steps for uniform infractions. Not adhering to the school’s uniform policy will result in:
  1. Violation #1: The first time a uniform infraction occurs (e.g. the student arrives wearing red shoes), a note and call will be sent home, reminding the parent/guardian of the uniform policy and informing them that, upon the third infraction, the student will be excluded from school activities.
  2. Violation #2: The second time a uniform infraction occurs, another note and call will be sent home, this time informing the parent/guardian that the next time the student arrives out of uniform, s/he will be excluded from school activities.
  3. Violation #3: The third time a uniform infraction occurs, the student will be excluded from school activities until a parent/guardian can come and rectify the infraction.

Academy of Hope Uniform:

Top: Academy of Hope Polo (color: cardinal, purchased from Educational Outfitters)

Bottom: Khaki Bottoms (boys: shorts or pants; girls: shorts, pants, skort or jumper)

Leggings: Solid color

Socks: Solid Neutral Color (black, brown, white or khaki) or burgundy

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